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The Mediamoz project was active from 1998 to 2006. It closed down September 2006.

The Media Project was based in Maputo, but working actively in all the ten provinces of the country. When the project started in 1998 it was run by two persons responsible for the content development and a support staff of three. Since then the activities have moved from theory to practice, requiring a larger staff to keep all the many activities effectively on track.

Below you will find most of the persons, who make up the dynamic team, keeping the development of community radios, communication centres and training activities on track, working closely with the many partners in all sectors of the growing media sector in Mozambique:


Chief Technical Adviser

Birgitte Jallov
Chief Technical Adviser
(Sept.'98 to Oct.'04; Technical adviser from Jan.'05 to Sept. '06),

Ms. Jallov has worked professionally with communication policy and planning, training, and gender issues for more than 20 years. She has prepared and implemented development communication strategies, awareness-raising campaigns, reviews and evaluations of communication and information pluralism projects and programmes in Africa, Asia and Europe, where she has also worked with efforts towards democratisation of the national and private media in former one-party states. She has analysed and presented gender issues for Danish NGO’s, as part of her project work in the ILO, UNESCO and as a film maker and has all along worked with women’s access to media – particularly community radio.


Tomas Vieira Mário
National Project Co-ordinator
(Jan.'98 to Nov '06)

Mr. Mário is a well know journalist in Mozambique, since he has worked inside national media since 1977, when he first joined Radio Mozambique. This nine years assignment was followed by a eight years working relationship with AIM, the national news agency, first based in Maputo, later on in Lisbon and finally in Rome during the Mozambique peace negotiations. After this Mr. Mário worked for three years as editor-in-chief of the national TV station, TVM, from where he went on to working for one year as a Media Projects’ Planner for the Nordic-SADC Journalism Centre before he joined the UNESCO project.

Carlos João Magaia
Project Administrator
(May '02 to Jul.'06)

Mr Magaia started as a professional in the administrative area by the year of 1984 in the Mozambican Ministry of Defence as a forwarding agent responsible for importation. After 5 years Administration Studies in Portugal from 1988 to 1992, he went on to serve in the Ministry of the Defence in Administration related areas, such as Logistics, Planning and Training . At the same time he was teaching General Accounting on a part-time basis at commercial institutes of the Country.

Mr. Magaia accepted new challenges and joined the Red Cross of Mozambique in 1997 where he exercised business administration until 999. August 1999 he moved to the Mozal Aluminium Smelter as logistics Coordinator Outbound until September 2002. In October 2002 he Joined UNESCO Media Project, where he is the Project Administrator ,

Elias Cossa
Programme Specialist - print media
(Jun.'02 to Jul.'05)

Mr. Cossa has since 1977 worked as a journalist for the daily “Notícias” and  AIM (Mozambique News Agency), after which he attended , in 1987/88, the “Journalists in Europe” Programme. Back in Mozambique he spent many years as a free-lance journalist with Inter Press Service (IPS), Africa Information Afrique (AIA) and the Portuguese Service of BBC. He spent 1990 in Zimbabwe, collaborating with different Mozambican and Portuguese media. From 1998 to October 2002 he worked as Project Manager with the German NGO, Friedrich Ebert Foundation. Mr. Cossa joined the UNESCO Project in November 2002, where he is responsible for the development of the project's support to the independent print media.




Faruco Sadique Ibraimo
Assistant Programme Specialist - Community Radio
(May'00 to Aug.'06)

Mr. Ibraimo has almost 20 years journalistic background. He started working at the "Diário de Moçambique" newspaper in 1981. As recognition of his extraordinary professional and human capacities, Mr. Ibraimo had been appointed for important positions at Diário de Moçambique, such as Editor-in-Chief, Commercial and Marketing Director, among other responsibilities, including those at the National Union of Journalists, where he was elected as President of the Union’s Central Region Council. Mr. Ibraimo joined the Media Project in May 2002, where he is a Community Radio Coach, spending 2-3 week periods in the stations training, mobilizing and assisting with the various organizational and sustainability issues arising.

Abubacar Selemangy Bacar
Assistant Programme Specialist
(Nov.'99 to Mar.'04)

Mr. Bacar entered the “world” of journalism when still a chemistry student in Maputo. He started collaborating with the Maputo-based “Domingo” newspaper, writing stories about youth and development for the youth page. Some years later he got involved in broadcasting activities in Beira’s Radio Mozambique Delegation, producing and presenting several radio entertainment programmes. In 1994 Mr. Bacar joined Diário de Moçambique as a full time journalist, where he in 1998 received an award as the best journalist in the central region of Mozambique. In 1999 he was appointed Representative of Diário de Moçambique’s in Manica Province, from where joined the Media Project November that same year.


Celina Cândido Henriques
Assistant programme Specialist - Community Radio
(May '03 to Sept.'06)

Ms. Henriques has been recruited from the Municipal Community Radio based in Nacala, in Nampula province, where she the combined positions as both journalist and administrator. Her education has been community oriented, while living with catholic nuns in Maputo, from where was selected to take part in a specialized training course on broadcast journalism in Zimbabwe. Her extraordinary capacities as a motivator of women and children to take part on their own development through participation in community radio was relevant to her recruitment by the Media Project in 2003. Within the media project Ms. Henriques is a Community Radio Coach, spending 2-3 week periods in the stations training, mobilizing and assisting with the various organizational and sustainabilit


Claudio Arnaldo Rodriques
Administrative Field Support Officer
(Feb.'00 to Sept.'06)

Mr. Rodrigues has worked for the past 15 years worked with Administration and Financial management for NGO's and Inter-Governmental Organizations with increasing level of responsibility. The organisations include: CARE International - France; International Red Cross Federation; Canada-Mozambique Cooperation; International Organization of Migration; ONUMOZ-Mozambique; COTAM- Beira and now the UNESCO-Media Project. Mr. Rodrigues’ work areas include planning, implementing and monitoring, as well capacitating of partners through formal and informal training, coaching and backstopping in matters related to financial and administrative management. Mr. Rodrigues has worked in all three regions of Mozambique and many of his assignments have been related to development programmes and emergency assistance.




João José Paulo Jeque
Partnership Development Specialist
(Jan.'05 to Sept. '06)

Mr. Jeque, economist, is a free-lancer consultant with experience in project management. His activities include the position of Coordinator of GIDI, a joint project of the Sofala Provincial Government and the Austrian Cooperation created in 1996 prior to the municipal elections in Mozambique with the aim of establishing the economic and institutional basis in the cities were latter those election took place in Sofala Province. He had also been teaching at the Pedagogical University and at the Management Faculty of the Catholic University in Beira. Before joining the Media Project Mr. Jeque was the economic adviser of the Manica Provincial Department of Industry and Commerce.



Marina Conotilho
Logistical Training Assistant
(Jan'03 to Sept.'06)

Ms. Canotilho worked with the Ministry of Education & Culture, at the National Directorate Technical Learning and Teachers Training since 1981 She has been to Cuba for five years as an educator and teacher at  Mozambican Secondary Schools supported by Cuba. Upon her return, she started working in training departments of several NGO´s like SEMOC and NSJ Trust, organizing and handling courses in many subject-areas for people from all provinces, including administrative and logistic activities. Marina Canotilho joined the Media Project in 2003, ensuring the implementation of the Project’s training activities related to its Community Radio partners.


Francina Sansão Bila
Administrative Assistant
(Dec.'97 to Nov.'06)

Ms. Bila moved into the world of work on the basis of a high school degree (12th grade). She started working in 1994 in a Refugee Centre as the Personal Assistant of the Provincial Director and responsible for the logistic arrangements of an average 300 Mozambicans displaced due to the war. Ms. Bila continued at the same time her studies in the area of Information Technology, English and Financial Management, and moved with this background in 1998 to the UNESCO Media Project, where she is presently Administrative Assistant and developing into becoming the project’s Webmistress.

Aida Fumane
(Dec.'01 to Sept.'04)

Ms. Fumane has extensive experience working as an executive secretary, administrative assistant and translator in the two major Mozambican cities Maputo and Beira. Work areas include drafting letters, receiving visits, organising meetings, receiving and sending correspondence as well as establishing systems for registration of all this. Ms. Fumane has worked with both international and national companies, including the national Electricity Company, Engen Petroleum, FAO and a national demining project. Based on this experience Ms. Fumane in 2000 joined the UNESCO Media Project, where she is responsible for the secreariat, organisation of seminars, workshops and meetings, and the project’s  documentation centre.

Vladimiro Machava (Apr.'00 until his death early 2005)

Mr. Machava already started working as a driver when finalising his secondary school. After finalisation of 12th grade, Mr. Machava continued into new jobs as a driver with important national and international organisations such as STAE and UNDP, while continuing to develop his skills, among others in the area of information technology. Since April 2000 the Media Project has benefited from Mr. Machava’s good interpersonal, organisation and language skills, in his functions as a driver.


André Sitoe
(Dec.'97 to Nov. '06)

Mr. Sitoe has worked with a number of important companies in Mozambique, among others Hoest Mozambique; Casa Coimbra Comercial; and Banco de Mocambique. After this experience Mr. Sitoe moved to South Africa, where he worked for a period of six years. Upon return Mr. Sitoe worked with UNESCO in Maputo as a driver, from where he moved to the Media Project as one of the very first people on board, and continues to be first on board in the everyday, where he ensures clean offices, organisation of meeting rooms and functions as the everyday guard.