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Independent Editors and Managers strengthen their managerial skills…
And journalists learn on Economic and Rural Development Reporting
Support to Independent Media

Donor for Media Development

Communities  ON AIR

The Media Development Project enters the last half of the year moving into the field preparatory process for the establishment of three community radio stations in Cuamba, Marromeu and Homoine.

  The decision is made on the basis of a series of preliminary activities, including a seminar on “Strategies on the establishment of Community Radios in Mozambique” held in May with the active involvement of the Media Project and other actors also involved in this area. A field assessment report on the social, material and technical conditions in the three sites was furthermore commissioned by the project, resulting in the recommendation to to ahead in these sites.

  It is both an exciting and delicate experience, where a well-organized social mobilization process is a prerequisite for the creation of radio stations that are not just for, but primarily of the communities, and run by the communities.

  As the Project document describes the justification for the community radio component, “...community media address the specific development needs of the communities they serve, and thus act as voice for the community, and often as a link with those in authority. In so doing, community media organizations strengthening a community’s identity, culture and history as well as encourage participation in the democratic process...”

  Following the “Strategy Seminar” in May, the Project is now leading preparations for a one-day seminar in August to establish guidelines for a national legal framework for community radio.

  Starting now from Cuamba (Niassa Province) in July, the social mobilization process covering the three sites will lead to the election for Community Radio Installing Committees  in the three selected sites. By October, these initial activities will culminate with the first course on “How to start a Community Radio”. The course is expected to take palce in Xai-Xai, October 18 to 29.

Independent Editors and Managers strengthen their managerial skills…

  The city of Quelimane received 18 editors and financial managers from emerging media initiatives in the Central and Northern Provinces of the country, from June 21 to July the 1st .

  The course now called “Starting a publication” provided the participants basic managerial tools to ensure sustainability of their initiatives.

  Based on explicit needs expressed in the project’s consultations with independent media, this general management training course foreseen in the project document was angled print media, hence now being named “Starting a Publication”.

  For two weeks, the dynamic and enthusiastic group of editors or editors-to-be and managers developed their knowledge on conceptualizing the mission and vision of their media initiatives, organizational structures, and production and distribution of their publications.

  This was the first course on this special subject. The second one is scheduled for August, for the Southern Provinces.

…And journalists learn on Economic and Rural Development Reporting

  Following Chimoio Last May, preparations are now underway for the third course on the above subject, this time covering the Northern Provinces of the country.

  A group of sixteen midcarer journalists are expected to gather in Nampula during the last half of July to discuss a variety of issues, ranging from Mozambique’s rural economy, the feminization of poverty, regional integration in the SADC states, and the globalization era.

Support to Independent Media

  Among the core priorities of the Media Project is the concrete, physical support to strengthen independent media.

  The large nation wide study which is to guide the decisions on how to actually prioritize within this project component, approaches finalization.

  Once the recommendations reach the project by late July, a Technical Advisory Group will assess the realization of these objectives.

  It is therefore expected that the implementation of this component can come well under way during the second half of the year.  

Donor for Media Development

  The UNDP Media Working Group requested earlier this year the Project to prepare an overview of donor priorities, plans and concrete action in the area of Media Development in Mozambique.

  A first draft of the study was presented to the Group in its meeting June 22 and Project is now expecting comments and updates.

  Once finalized, the study will available from the UNDP and the Media Development Project.

  It is foreseen that this information will be available from UNDP’s web site when ready.

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