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Equipment to UNESCO Partner Community Radios
A Blow to Freedom of Expression in Mozambique


Equipment to UNESCO Partner Community Radios
As everyone who has ever started a Community Radio knows: once the equipment is there, core training and everyday structures and routines need to be in place for maximal kick-off effect. Because also in the world of starting new media, a good beginning means that you are half-way to your success.
As such we in UNESCO in Mozambique have given the needed time for our partner communities to get organised and to receive the varied and much needed training - formal as well as informal - before going on air. Still: at a point you get no longer without it.
The needed procurement procedure has therefore been carried out and the requested bids were all received prior to the deadline, December 1st, 2000 at 12:00. Hereafter - according to UNESCO rules and regulations - the bids are being assessed, and all bidders found to having complied with the rules. Now a more detailed and in-depth final assessment is taking place and before the end of December the order for equipment to the three stations will be placed with the winning company, presenting to us the best proposal in terms of the relation: quality, methodology, back-up support and price.

A Blow to Freedom of Expression in Mozambique
The assassination of Carlos Cardoso came as a grim reminder to all of us that Freedom of Expression is not given with a conducive legal environment.
As the Director-General of UNESCO declared immediately after the event: "I am deeply shocked by the murder of Carlos Cardoso. A man who was seeking the truth has been silenced. This tragic event clearly confirms the crucial role of the media in support of democracy and rule of law, both of which depend largely on the ability of journalists to inform the public. The perpetrators of such a heinous crime must not remain unpunished. Journalists must be allowed to exercise their profession without fearing for their lives. I reiterate UNESCO's commitment to the freedom and independence of the media."

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