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Inauguration of Community Radios
Community Waves – As Book and VIdeo

Inauguration of Community Radios
The Chimoio and Homoíne Community Radio stations will be officially inaugurated by May 1st and May 24th this year. Several personalities from the Mozambican government, United Nations Agencies, donors, community representatives, volunteers, executive community radio staff members, have been invited for both ceremonies.
The official inaugurations are the culmination of a thorough preparatory process, started by social mobilization activities, training and organizational activities and experimental phases of three months programming on air. Both stations, together with Cuamba, are part of the Wave I stations initiated by UNESCO in close collaboration with the communities.
The Cuamba Community Radio is already on air in its experimental phase, since the beginning of March, where the community programmers are practicing all the theories learnt during the training activities. The official inauguration of the Cuamba Community Radio will here take part in the middle of the year.
Getting a community radio on air is a long process with many distinct phases and challenges. Getting the official recognition of the community radio association being the first step, receipt of the government sending licence in the form of the ”Alvará” the second such experience, hosting and celebrating the official inauguration with representative of both the official and the civil societies of a given community is the powerful third phase of this development and recognition. Whereas the Governor of Manica Province officially opened the Chimoio-based Radio Comunitária GESOM, the Prime Minister has expressed a high likelihood of being able to officially open the Homoíne Community Radio.
While we are celebrating the official inauguration of the three pilot Wave I stations, the five Wave II stations have just received their official sending licences (”Alvará”) from the Mozambican authories. Wave II is made up by the communities in Metangula (Niassa), Milange (Quelimane), Dondo (Sofala), Bagamoio and Xinonaquila (both Maputo).
May 3 – Annual Press Freedom Day
With its core objective to remind us all that freedom of the press and freedom of expression never can and never should be taken for granted, the overall, global focus provided by UNESCO Paris was this year ”Media and Terrorism”: what have recent developments meant for the general global environment of press freedom?
In Mozambique UNESCO celebrated the press freedom day through the hosting of a number of different events in coordination with MISA, with the national union of journalists and with independent media professionals and media houses. Debates on the national public radio with parlamentarians and journalists, debates in the culture houses in three provincial capitals and the launch of a UNESCO video production on the creation of community radio stations by communities themselves, were among the points on the agenda of that day.

Community Waves – As Book and VIdeo
All evidence shows that community ownership, community control and diverse community involvement in programming is among the most determing factors for the sustainability of a community radio station.
UNESCO in Mozambique has therefore designed a development strategy with its partners including long community mobilisation and capacitation processes prior to bringing the radios on air.
This mobilisation and organisation process, including the important way of addressing pertinent community issues on the radio is reflected in a book and a video production produced by UNESCO Mozambique called ”Community Waves”. Whereas the book has been ready for a while, the video was finalised during the first days of May and officially launched on the Press Freedon Day.
The book is available in English and Portuguese, and the video in English, Portuguese, Emacua and Xitshua.

Preparing The Reception Of The Equipment At Wave II Stations
A team from Globecom, the South African company providing equipment to all Community Radio stations initiated with our support, is in its final phase of fixing the basis for the the antenna mast in all the Wave II Community Radios.
The work has been completed in Dondo, Milange and Metangula, and the team is now on its way to Maputo, to work with Bagamoio and Rádio Escuta-de Xinonanquila in Boane.
The installation of the radio equipment is being initiated when the technicians of the stations go to Cape Town for training in use and preventive maintenance of their future equipment.

New Provincial RM Delegation in Gaza
The national public broadcaster, Radio Mozambique, is these days finalising the establishment of its 9th provincial delegation in the southern province of Gaza. With the conclusion of this work, all provinces outside of the capital Maputo has national delegations, broadcasting a full day of provincially geared programmes in local languages and Portuguese.
The am transmitter, other equipment needs, and physical intrastructure for that provincial public radio station was funded through a component of phase I of the Media Development Project of the size of USD 700,000.
In its phase II the Media Project will support Radio Mozambique in its efforts to strengthen the management capacity of the provincial delegations. Since 1998 these have been in a decentralisation process, meaning that increased responsibility and decision making space is granted at the provincial levels.

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