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Foucsing on CC Sustainability
Nampula Independent Media Ready
Preparing CR For Elections

Focusing On CC Sustainability The Media Project has received anin-depth consultant report analyzing the managerial situation of the Beira Communication Centre. The report proposes a way forward aiming at securing that the centre reinforces the local independent print media, at the same time as it works to ensure long-term sustainability. The consultant, Mr. Simećo Cachamba, a well-known Mozambican economist, also supported the management committee and the manager of the communication centre in developing a strategic business plan for the next three years. As the independent media environment is positively changing in Beira, where two newspaper initiatives are coming up, the report recommends that the centre should play a key role on the management of the newspapers, including distribution and identification of subscribers, while the editors would just be involved in the editorial aspects. If effectively implemented, the reports recommendations could become a very important tool towards the elimination of the managerial bottlenecks faced by the emerging print media.


Nampula Independent Media Ready The Association of Independent Media Operators in Nampula- ASONAMI- has been recognized by the local government as a legal and autonomous group aiming at the development of the independent media sector in the province. ASONAMI has been in contact with the Media Project for establishment of a communication center in Nampula, where the emerging print media would have access to equipment and other means of production of newspapers. As the legal recognition of the Association is in place, the Media Project and ASONAMI will enter into the practical planning stage aiming at the establishment of a local communication center. This will include the preparation of a business plan and other practicalities before the signature of an Activity Financing Contract. 


Preparing CR For Elections The participants of three regional seminars on the election coverage concluded that the Mozambican community radio stations would participate in the up-coming elections through civic education, journalistic coverage of the electoral process and, finally, by conceding free air time (only) to the candidates running for the local elections. The recommendations of the three regional seminars held in Tete, Nampula and Inhambane have been turned into one, which will be discussed in a meeting foreseen to take place early October, among the members of the coordination group of the community radios, made up by the national Institute for Social Communication, the catholic community oriented stations and those based in civic associations. The final document will be distributed to institutions directly or indirectly involved in the electoral process, such as the National Secretariat for Election Administration and the National Electoral Commission for acknowledgement, and to facilitate. This is foreseen to take place in November.

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